Marijuana Domains

If you’re looking for some great marijuana domains to help you launch your cannabusiness, you’ve come to the right place.

At JNPR, we some amazing brands for sale. Browse our inventory and find the perfect cannabis domain to help you launch a business focused on:

  • edibles
  • CBD
  • deliveries
  • a media site
  • a dispensary
  • and more

Browse our collection of premium brands below, and connect with us if you find one that speaks to you.

Premium Cannabis Domain Names for Sale

Does your CBD or THC product have the FLAVOR?

Stand out in a super crowded market with this four-letter ultra-premium brand. Perfect for an edibles producer, a CBD product, or brand of dispensaries.

Build an iconic brand on this short, recognizable domain name that’s too cool for vowels

You got it, everybody wants it. Talking about CBD oil. 
Pick up this rare and in-demand domain name to build the web’s #1 destination for CBD oil. Bonus points if you’re based in the US (where this domain extension represents).
Short, memorable, authoritative.

A highly technical name. Exudes business intelligence and premier service.

A perfect name for your analytics company, Industry-related Point-of-Sale software, or cannabusiness consulting service (among other things).

Pick up this short and powerful marijuana business name for your next project now.
cannabis domain: high potency

(Includes the .org and .net)

The kind of cannabis and CBD oil that everyone wants to consume. Take ownership of this domain name and own this corner of the market.

Perfect brand for a lab-testing company or producer. Buy this name and you’re buying your brand some quick legitimacy, and a place at the table.

terp science domain for sale

This is your chance to brand your company with a well-known strain name. Pick-up this marijuana strain domain and become an instantly-recognizable brand.

One of the best domains on the market for a CBD shop. is short, recognizable, and instantly iconic as a cannabidiol marketplace.

cbdhq domain for sale — an amazing brand for a terp producer or ejuice company. A rare and valuable exact match domain that’s unforgettable.

Killer B2B name here. CBDMedia would be perfect for a media site, or a marketing company that focuses on the CBD market–or even the wider cannabis market.

If you’re looking for the perfect name for your marijuana or cannabis business, this is where you can find it. We have a small but high quality selection of domain names and cannabis-related business brands available.

If you’re serious about growing your canna-brand, this is your marijuana domain name gateway.

Marijuana Domain Names

Enterprising entrepreneurs have tried to make a land-grab of cannabis-related domain names, registering hundreds of low value, obvious names like:


Domains that are long, not memorable, distinct, or unique. 

At JNPR, we take a quality over quantity approach, finding the best, most memorable brand names to offer for sale. Our names are short, full of meaning, and evocative. These are the kind of solid marijuana domain names you can build a forever brand on.

Every Marijuana or Cannabis Brand Needs a Website

Whether you’ve just started a cannabis or CBD business, you’ll find the perfect domain name to build on or rebrand to at JNPR. 

As cannabis becomes more widely accepted and, eventually, legalized in the US, it’s more critical than ever to have a strong brand that helps you stand apart. Especially now, as most major advertisers do not allow cannabis and CBD ads, you need a strong web presence with a memorable name that defines your product or service to compete in this young-but-popular industry. 

If you have any questions about any of the domains listed here, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team