We Buy Marijuana Websites

Interested in selling your cannabis-focused site? If you have an established site about cannabis, CBD, edibles, vapes, etc. that gets traffic–even if it doesn’t earn money, we’re interested in buying it from you. We pay cash and get deals done quickly.

Here's How it Works​

1. Find a business you’re interested in.

2. Click through to read an in-depth listing to get all the details.

3. Hit us with any questions–if we can answer, we will. If we can’t, we’ll ask the seller

4. When you’re ready to buy, we’ll handle everything: we’ll take your payment, help transfer all the assets to you, and pay the seller once you have them in your possession.

Sound Good?
Just Fill Out the Form Below:

This will be kept strictly confidential--this info is just to help us determine the value of the site. It's A-OK if the site earns no revenue--were still interested!
This is obviously not a binding offer, but if you have a number in mind it will help us determine if the site is a good fit.

Questions About Selling Your Marijuana Business​

Q. Why Do you Want to Buy My Marijuana Business or Site?
A. We own several cannabis businesses. We are always looking for websites and businesses to add to our portfolio. We’ve got a great team of writers and marketers who are eager to start working with new sites, to grow them, and share them with the world.

Q. Are You Only Interested in Websites? What if I have a dispensary or CBD physical store?
A. For now, we are only interested in web properties (websites, apps, social media accounts, etc.) so please don’t contact us about physical stores. 🙂

Q. How Much Will You Pay Me For My Cannabis Website?
A. It depends on several different things! We take the following kinds of things into account when deciding what offer to make:

  • how much traffic does the site get per month
  • how much (if any) does the site earn per month
  • how well does it fit in with our current portfolio of sites
  • how easily will we be able to take over and grow the site
  • and many other things!

Once we do our research, we’ll get back to you ASAP with our best offer.

Q. How Does the Transaction and Transfer Process Work?
A. We use Escrow.com for our acquisitions–it’s a safe third-party platform that acts as a trusted “middleman.” To sum it up:  once we agree on a price, we’ll sign a quick contract that basically says you promise that you own and have the right to sell the site–and are willing to do so in exchange for the price we agree on. Then it says we agree to pay you the full amount for the site. That’s it!

Next, we initiate a transaction at Escrow.com. We send them the money, and they notify you when they receive it into their account. Once they have control of the funds, they instruct you to hand over the website and all its assets (don’t worry–our team will handle everything!). Finally, once we confirm we have control of the site, they release the money to you.

Q. What If I Submit My Site But Don’t Like Your Price?
A. By submitting your site you aren’t bound to sell it. If you don’t like our price, you’re free to make a counter-offer, or we can part ways problem free. We pride ourselves on making very fair offers–but negotiations are not rare.

Q. How Fast Does the Whole Process Take?
A. Usually the process can be done in under a week, depending on how fast the seller responds to the process. We try and send an offer/price no more than 24 hours after we receive a submission. Once the price is agreed on, it takes about another day or two to get the contract signed, and the escrow process can take anywhere from 3-5 days, depending on a few factors. So, typically just under or right at a week.

Have More Questions?​